TILER EN for ArCon (ArCon 2010)


Software description

A comprehensive solution for graphical design of tiling and paving. TILER connected to ArCon is designed to create tiling and paving in 3D scenes.

TILER for ArCon - Macro

Visualization bathrooms

Visualization bathrooms

Tiling in ArCon can be applied to walls, top and bottom beams, columns, chimneys, floor and ceiling. For design in TILER is available the function "selection" of more construction elements. The resulting ArCon project can be saved in several variants. The information about used tiles and detailed calculation are available during the whole design process. The design of tiling on construction elements takes place in TILER 2D graphic editor.

Tiling Design

The tiling area can be specified with help of grid, guidelines, snapping and numeric input of coordinates (relative, absolute). The special tool is the coordinates stack which allows usage of already given coordinates. The created tiling areas can additionally be copied, moved and edited (change the location of vertices, add or remove vertices, move edges).

The main control bar of TILER

Tiling Types

Classic, chessboard (and modifications), decorating tiles, pattern (group of tiles). It is possible to move, copy and rotate decorating tiles. When inserting a decorating tile, its dimensions are checked for correctness. The pattern is group of tiles, which allows quick creation of combined tiling. The common patterns are already prepared in database. Custom tiling designs can be created with pattern editor.

Catalogue tiles

Sample pattern on the floor

Tiling type chessboard

Demonstration of pattern

Demonstration of pattern - wall

Tiling Properties

Vlastnosti pokládky

Mutual shift of tiles (in X and Y direction), origin, rotation and gap properties. With help of the "match tiling properties" function it is possible to apply settings to other areas. Tiling propetries on lutiple areas can be collectively changed using selection. A special feature is random tiles rotation to achieve realistic tiling appearance.

TILER Database

TILER works with multiple databases. Sortiment textures are in JPG format. The database is multilingual and able to specify physical parameters of tiles for visualisation. The filter allows selection of tiles according to selected criteria: size, properties, classification (tile, listel, decorating tile). It is possible to edit and create custom databases. The database can be filled manually or automatically by reading selected tile textures. If you have already an ArCon-Fliesen database, you can load it automatically via TILERedit to use in TILER.


Summary of used tiles for different tiling areas and for the whole project.
Export of tiling summary to Microsoft Excel file.
Printing of tiling in color and line mode.
Export of tiling to DXF file.

Environment of program TILER

Export to DXF format

Calculation of project

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