SOFTconsult spol. s r.o.

Since 1995, our company has been supporting design processes and creative activities in architecture and building industry. These processes are covered by the following tools:

  • AEC - software
  • AEC - creative
  • AEC - media
  • AEC - data


Distribution of software products for 3D building and interior designs and for optimizing building processes. We provide these activities in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic.

ArCon is a highly interactive visual tool for designs and visualizations. ArCon is based on requirements of architects, building designers, real estate users and interior designers. The software provides interesting options for producers and vendors of furniture, sanitary ware, wall and floor tiles, carpets and home accessories. Producer: Eleco.

SPIRIT is a system intended for architecture design studios, building suppliers, building element producers, and for students. Parametrical behavior of system elements applies not only to building elements – walls, windows, doors, break thrus, niches, ceilings, columns, and space – but also to traditional building constructions, such as roofs and staircases. Apart from these functions, SPIRIT offers general modeling in space, simple architectural drawing – sketching, or standard ground plans. Producer: STI International.

PowerProject Teamplan
This software tool supports project control – the control of work and material resources, and cost control. If used together with the POWERPROJECT teamplan ENTERPRISE server, it provides secure solutions for control of large projects. Producer: Asta Ltd.


SOFTconsult, spol. s r. o. uses this trademark for its own software programs developed to support interior designs (wall and floor tiling designs, kitchen and built-in wardrobe designs) and facility management (FAMADA).


This software creates promotion CDs and web applications using modern information technologies. We prefer internationally active producers engaged mainly in building and interiors.

Web site references: Rako, Object LB, Indeco, Primalex, Trachea,, LB Ceramic System, Plexus, LB Cemix a.s. - Revitalizace panelových domů, Eling

CD references: CD Bramac, CD Cemix, CD Primalex, CD LB Ceramics


A project with the same name connects building and interior producers with designers and end customers. To achieve this, SOFTconsult runs the server, which provides 3D models of specific interior and exterior products. The server services are used by an international network of designers. The server is linked with services for creating 3D models, CD-ROMs and web sites for building producers.


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