TILER EN for ArCon (ArCon 2010)


Changes from previous versions

New in version 2.2

It is possible to choose from three types of texture quality when transferring textures to ArCon (preview, design, final), which accelerates the tiling generation in ArCon.
A new feature is the division of tiling areas on the walls and floor into squares. This accelerates the transfer of tiling into ArCon and reduces memory demands of TILER. Moreover, this technology ensures seamless tiling of large areas and automatic compliance with holes.
Tiling generation to DXF file (tiling plan) is revised. The individual tiles on the edge of tiling areas are cut.
A new concept of maintaining position of the decorating tiles. If the tiling is rotated or the tiling origin is moved, the decorating tiles are moved absolutely according to these transform. In previous version the decorating tiles remained in their original location (relatively) - the users requested this to change.
A new function to insert decorating tiles. Decorating tiles are inserted along the straight line between two given points.
When copying the properties of tiling areas or copying the tiling areas, the decorating tiles are copied too.

New in version 2.0

TILERedit is supplemented with TilerEDITimgJPG program, which is used for mass filling the database from directory structure of JPG textures (mark/brand/series structure).
New database LB 3/2006 with patterns
Automatic creation of tiling area over the whole wall/floor
Print directly from calculation (separate list of used tiles with cut ones)
Updated dialog of tiling area properties (tiling preview)
Snapping functions enhanced
Filter expanded (ability to specify interval of dimensions, types of shape)
Enhanced function of guidelines (ability to distance copying extended)
New graphic layout (changeable by user)

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